Monday, June 25, 2007

university for the real worlde...

there's a girl a few metres away as i sit, unnoticed by passers by. she's a big girl - not big-boned but fat. fat and wearing the short shorts so much in fashion at the moment. she sits, knees tucked, on her tiptoes, wiggling her legs from side to side and consequently her behemoth arse pseudopodes across the seat. opposite her sits a boy. a skinny boy. a Good boy. a mother's son. he eats the ravaged remains of his hot chips with a scared but happy look on his face - like an emo rabbit staring into a set of oncoming headlights. he's freshly out of highschool; a closet d&d fan with his first girlfriend. she extricates herself from the bench and starts to splodge away, her chipped toenail polish matching her too-big pink havianas. he follows, enraptured.

aah, first years.


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