Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a night on the town

tonight, i'm going to wear my hair up, and a dress.

i'm going to do what i please, and talk to strangers. i'm going to leave the restaurant early and go to the bar, because i feel like spending the money i don't have on alcohol, not food. yesterday i ate nothing but chocolate. i jammed large chunks into my mouth with no regrets, and let it melt.

i'm going to wear a dress because i'm tired of being blasé, tired of being depressed. at least this gives my legs something to aim for. magnificence.

and even if i don't get there, i'm going to tell myself i don't care. and for once in my life i'm going to tell myself to believe it.


Blogger Liam said...

Personally I feel that Lindt Chocolate is the best for melt in your mouth emo-moments. Especially with nuts in it.

Random note: this automatically detected my Gmail account, odd, no?

9/28/2008 4:25 AM  
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