Monday, May 30, 2005


The Life And Times of Her.

here is comes again, don't let it pass you by like a city bound train
you know it's up to us to lead the way and march toward victory
standin' on the right side who knows whats right...

don't look now, seems like we're trapped somehow
i'm not sure if we'll ever make it out of here alive
don't look now, seems like we're trapped somehow
time is almost up, but the war has just begun

we're stuck inside a place
and soon we'll have to face, the outside world
the anger on the street, begins to raise some heat
and we're almost out of time


funny how, after so many years, that song seems to be in my head recently... the living end's self titled EP of 1998. my first CD. trapped.

and i guess its very applicable recently. i'm about to go on a journey that i still don't know whether i want to go on. i'm very excited really but in all very hesitant too. fifteen hundred kilometres away from anyone i know for six months. what an adventure - trinity and smorka on the road, with my aviators and n'ere a care in the world.

i guess what this blog will be about is my journey - from where i am at the moment, stuck in a dead end uni degree that is rather boring, through my last days of incarceration in the system, and freedom - onto the sunlander train and then sun. sun and the sea for as long as i like. i wonder what i'll find when i get there...